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Case Study Buildium


My agency partner Convertiv was asked to redesign a website for their client Buildium, a company with a product that helps property owners with their operations. A customer-interview process revealed a number of ways that Buildium’s website was failing their customers, with their home page being a primary contributor. All of the necessary components seemed to be in place, but it simply wasn’t converting trials. Buildium challenged us to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the design, IA, and overall UX could be improved to better serve their business and their customers.

Primary Objectives

“The issues that Buildium was facing wasn't something that yet another refresh of the homepage was going to solve. Mark led our team to take the time to understand the problem and dive deep into the industry, the data, and the needs of their potential consumers to improve the user experience.”

Kevin Palmer, Founder/Partner


Customer interviews and market research showed an alignment between Buildium’s narrative/offerings and the needs of their prospective customers. There was a weak link somewhere that needed to be identified, so my focus was on heuristics, IA, and information design. I wanted to understand if visitors could reach the trial signup with a vote of confidence and a solid understanding of the offering. This research revealed that some critical components were missing, the information was too convoluted, and the trial signup process concluded with an overwhelming introduction to the application. The focus, then, was to rebuild the task flows and introduce new elements into the overall UX. Our team conducted user testing with multiple versions of wireframes and designs to ensure the end product would appropriately guide people through to conversion. These results guided how the final designs would be fully realized.

Scope of Work

  • Heuristics audit
  • Analytics audit
  • Design research
  • IA and wireframes
  • A/B testing
  • User testing


My research and audits revealed some clear opportunities for improvement. The consequential evolutions were validated through the testing processes, yielding a thoroughly streamlined UX, IA, and UI. The client was satisfied with the final product, post-launch data verified success of project goals, and our team was asked to extend our work into new areas of the website.

Post-launch analytics audits revealed great success in the following areas:

Increase in organic traffic
Increase in trial conversions
Increase in unique pageviews

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