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Case Study US Soccer

US Soccer mobile app


US Soccer wanted to create the ultimate match-day platform with powerful relevant features that would immerse fans in the passion and excitement of world-class soccer, whether in the stadium, in front of the television, or away from the live action.

Primary Objectives

Mark brought a vast wealth of UX experience when he joined our app project team. He challenged, supported, and contributed ideas in equal measure. On launch, the app went to #1 in the iOS App Store (sports category), and Mark was a significant factor in its success.

Dom Murphy, Design Director


As a passionate soccer fan, I was able to bring a wealth of experiential knowledge to the table. While this afforded me an advantage, it also challenged me to differentiate my subjective/objective decision making. My initial research around this revealed collective desires among soccer fans and many gaps that we could fill. My focus was to fill those gaps in two key areas: environmental variables and data visualization. I wanted to accommodate both first-screen and second-screen experiences for live matches, and present data in new ways to help fans get a pulse for matches they were unable to watch. The ultimate question to answer was “can a fan really feel the narrative of an unviewed match?”

Scope of Work

  • Generative research analysis
  • Design research
  • Data visualization research
  • Taxonomy definitions
  • Task flows
  • Wireframes
  • Information architecture
  • Journey mapping

Partial segment of wireframes

Partial segment of UX documentation


The product exceeded the client’s expectations, debuted at #1 in the sports category of the iOS App Store, and helped to amplify the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) by publishing stats and information that were previously hard to find or non-existent.

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